Lighthouse Sweepstakes is your go-to hub for easy-to-enter charity raffles, hosted by former New England Patriot Matt Light. A chance to win only costs $1, and the payoff could be huge! Sweepstake proceeds benefit the Light Foundation, Matt Light’s longtime nonprofit that assists at-risk kids from all around the country, and right here in New England. Lighthouse Sweepstakes delivers once-in-a-lifetime prizes to the lucky winner, and new raffles are actively being added — so check in often for your next chance at an incredible prize!

About the Light Foundation –

The Light Foundation is 501(c)(3) charity with the mission of instilling and augmenting the values of responsibility, accountability and hard work by providing youth with unique outdoor learning experiences that assist them in reaching their highest potential. Its goal is to lead young people down a path to becoming responsible members of their communities who are capable of passing on the torch of leadership and achievement to their friends and family.

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